Web Design + Web Development + MYSQL

The LTU Commons is an internal social networking website used by the students, faculty, and staff. I designed and developed a content management system (CMS) in PHP and MYSQL to allow dynamic user generated content and efficient administration. The centralized website is used to promote interactions between the LTU communities. Interactions can vary between academic grant seeking, academic tutoring services, and on campus events such as job fairs.

LTU Commons has several main functions:
  • Forums (Main form of interaction)
  • Personal Blogs (Another form of limited interaction)
  • Video Database (Similar service to YouTube)
  • Search Engine (Utilizing MYSQL Full-Text Search)
  • Personal profiles (Displays user information for networking)
  • Administrative Tools (CRUD actions)

With tremendous hard work and effort, I managed to build this CMS for my Web Server programming course. I was awarded with an A in the course and gained invaluable knowledge for building a CMS from scratch. The CMS is meets its basic requirements, but there is definitely more room for expansion.

You can visit my LTU Commons project by visiting www.MrElte.com/LTUcommons

Technologies Utilized:
  • PHP Programming Language
    • PHP Sessions
    • SHA-256 password encryption
  • MYSQL Database
    • Database Design using Visio
    • Full-Text Indexing
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Flash
  • jQuery
  • TinyMCE Text Editor
  • htmLawed (html filter)
  • 960 Grid System (layout)
  • AJAX
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